Health protection at RECYCLING-TECHNIK

Our bodyguard takes care of your safety and hygiene measures

The Safest Place To Meet stands above the protection concept for RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dortmund, which ensures that the trade show is controlled and safe for visitors, exhibitors and employees. It is important to us that all participants feel comfortable under the new conditions and achieve their trade show goals.

We are in close contact with Messe Dortmund and the responsible authorities of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia regarding all protection and hygiene measures. The concept is based on the hygiene and infection standards issued for trade shows by the CoronaSchVO for NRW.

The concept includes measures for:

  • crowd density
  • compliance with the minimum distance
  • high hygiene standards
  • tracking of contacts

If necessary, we will dynamically adapt the concept to the changing requirements of the authorities and to the current general conditions until the trade show date in Februar 2022.

Status: December 7, 2020

100% safety with contactless
smart badge technology

The safest way to visit a trade show is to use our smart badge technology, which requires no physical contact between exhibitor and visitor and guarantees a 100% safe trade show experience.

Visitors receive a smart visitor badge when they enter the show. This enables visitors and exhibitors to exchange contact details and information digitally via TOUCH & COLLECT. Exhibitors will receive the necessary smart badge reader during the set-up.

Our group proved in September and October 2020 that industrial trade shows can be held under safe conditions even in these times:


Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the measures or your safety. We are here for you!

Gesundheitsschutz der RECYCLING-TECHNIK Dortmund
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