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SDF series – The new shaft seal for trouble-free operations. The SDF series seals reliably, minimizes product loss, leakage and wear, has a long service life and is easy to install and clean. The sealing material used is food-grade.

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Fine material products, such as dusts and powders, as well as liquids or liquid-solid mixtures place special demands on the sealing of a shaft. The new SDF Series – STASSKOL DynamicSeal Faceseal – has been developed specifically for this purpose.
The seal can generally be used in all mechanical systems with a shaft. The task of a seal in these machines is to reliably seal the agitator shaft, minimize mixing losses and protect the mixing material from contamination. It should also prevent medium from entering the bearings and causing damage there. In summary, the aim is to ensure trouble-free operation of the plant and thus of the entire process.
The STASSKOL DynamicSeal Faceseal combines the advantages of the known shaft seals without compromising on functionality. The axially contacting sealing surface minimizes leakage. The large radial clearance in the sealing chamber makes it possible, to maintain the sealing function even if the shaft runs highly out of round by up to 4 mm. The bearing of the sealing rings on the elastic inner component ensures contact at the dynamic sealing surfaces even in the case of misalignment between shaft and housing, effectively preventing leakage. The use of sealing gas also ensures that if particles unexpectedly enter the sealing gap, they are blown out again. This greatly extends the service life of the STASSKOL DynamicSeal Faceseal.
In order to obtain optimum properties with regards to temperature development, wear and strength in the area of application, STASSKOL developed the new material SK933 for the sealing rings.
The minimalist design with few components enables easy, quickly and safely assembly, disassembly and cleaning at the point of use. All sealing elements and the housing are axially separable so that the seal can be mounted around the shaft without having to remove bearings and other attachments. In addition, the elastic inner component has a specially designed puzzle joint. The materials used are food-compliant.


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